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Create a cozier home or office with stylish carpet flooring from our reputable carpet store. Rely on our flooring specialists for guidance about all kinds of carpeting, including broadloom carpet, options from the popular Dabbieri Collection®, and custom area rugs. Visit us to peruse our collections and learn more about your flooring options.

Many kinds of carpets are available through our carpet store. Depending on its intended use, your carpet can consist of a variety of different fibers, hues, and textures. Talk with our design team about your preferences, which may include the needs of your household and your lifestyle in general. Our knowledgeable flooring specialists bring years of experience to each project.

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The Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring from our store adds a number of valuable benefits to any space. You can create a stunning appearance with our choice of colors, patterns, and heights of pile. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, our designers can take you through a number of choices to find the ideal option for your home. With to its thickness and consistency, carpeting functions admirably as a thermal insulator, keeping warmth indoors where it belongs.

Carpeting also reduces noise in any room in which you place it. Whether you are looking to tone down a busy home or reduce sound in a focused workplace, carpeting is a useful flooring option. It operates as a sound barrier between floors, and the thicker the carpet you purchase, the stronger its sound-reducing qualities. You never have to compromise style for function with a carpet from our shop.

Why Our Carpeting is Unique

In order to bring the very finest products to our clients, our carpet shop has partnered with two of the most respected suppliers in the industry. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and aesthetic appeal of carpets from both The Dabbieri Collection® and Just Shorn.

We are proud to offer the fine Dabbieri Collection®, which exemplifies the highest levels of craftsmanship. Our collections in this line include a number of products that are made to the most exacting standards. Shop our stunning collections from both The Dabbieri Collection® and its subsidiary, Just Shorn™.

The Dabbieri Collection® is available throughout North America, mainly through independently owned showrooms like ours. We are committed to serving the needs of consumers with a taste for the luxurious. Browse our selection of Dabbieri products and consult our design team to discover which of our products is best suited to your home or business. Our specialists are ready to handle flooring installation at your convenience.

The Dabbieri Collection's® extensive collection of carpet flooring features extraordinary levels of beauty and craftsmanship. From stylish area rugs to plush carpets, all of their products allow clients to choose from broad range of styles, colors, patterns, and textures. The line was established in 1998 and now features more than 10,000 products made to suit the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Contact our team to learn why we are the area’s preferred resource when it comes to carpet stores in Aventura. We are clients' first choice for high-end flooring products in Aventura, Sunny Isle, Avondale, Bay Harbor, and Hollywood, FL.